Want to make a tour to the Galapagos Islands? This is just an amazing place where you can enjoy a lot. Of course, there are so many things to see and do beyond this guide, but we wanted to offer a few highlights to help you begin planning your dream Galapagos trip. Just keep reading the article and know what you can do and see over there. 

Tortuga Bay

It is located southwest of the tourist town of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. Most of the visitors considered this place one of the most amazing beaches in Galapagos. There are 2 means to come to this site, either by the sea by means of sea cabs that component from the guest’s pier of Puerto Ayora or from the land via a path of about 2 kilometers attached to the beach by foot just.

Charles Darwin Station

It is located in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. The Charles Darwin Station is an international non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research. The Galapagos Islands is house to the well-known Galapagos Tortoise, which fully expanded can evaluate as much as 500 pounds and reach 6 feet in length. Throughout your visit to the Study Station, you will get to see turtles in any way stages of development from unhatched eggs to full-grown adults.

Kicker Rock

This is the remains of a volcanic cone that has been eroded by the sea. Over the water, the monolithic rock formation towers over 500 feet above the Pacific Sea and is house to a number of Tropicbirds, Blue-footed Boobies and also Frigate birds. It is called one of the best areas for snorkeling.

Sierra Negra volcano

Sierra Negra volcano is one of the most active in the Galapagos, with the last eruption in 2005, you will have the chance to explore thermal vents and also other interesting geologic features in this extremely active geothermal location.


This is the most spectacular website for snorkeling in Isabela Island. The water is shallow, calm and also extremely clear. A collection of lava circulations have actually produced distinct geological developments, a collection of arcs as well as tunnels underneath as well as above the water; a real habitat for many neighborhood Galapagos Species. The most effective time to visit the tunnels is between January and May.

North Seymour

North Seymour is a small island near Baltra Island, it was formed by the uplift of a submarine lava formation. The entire island is covered with reduced, bushy plants. This small island is among the most vital angling websites for Marine Birds, consequently, the island is seen by numerous travelers and also ornithologists to observe the amazing as well as varied quantity of birds of the Galapagos.