Are you planning your first visit to Greece? If yes, there are plenty of tourist places to visit, and visitors come to Greece to experience world-famous sunny beaches, Islands, stunning landscapes, buzzing nightlife and natural attractions. Greece is a place of gods, ancient buildings and vibrant culture. Also, a place where top legends were born. That is why Greece is a must-visit for travelers of every taste.

List of most popular tourist attractions of Greece are very long. If you are not sure about which places are the best to visit in Greece, our guide will give you a decent start in making the decision. Please have a look at our pick of the most popular attractions to visit in Greece.

Athens– Athens is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece. The Capital and the largest city of Greece, Athens is a remarkable destination to visit. During your visit to Athens, a visit to ‘The Acropolis’ and the ‘Acropolis Museum’ is a must for an unforgettable vacation experience.

The best time to visit Athens is between March and May and from September to November.

Cape Souniou – Cape Souniou is a must visit destination in Greece. It is a well-known archeological place of the ancient temple of Poseidon, the divine force of the ocean. The remaining parts are roosting on the headland, encompassed on three sides by the sea. The site is a famous for visitors from Athens, with dusk over the Aegean Sea, as saw from the remnants, a looked for after scene

If you are visiting this place in the middle of the summer, the best time would be the morning or the afternoon.

Crete – The largest of a Greek island, it is undoubtedly a most popular travel destination. It offers something for travelers of every taste all in one place– from archaeological sites and ruins to picturesque mountains, beautiful beaches, and traditional villages.  Mid-May to June or from September to October are the best months to visit Crete

Delphi – Also known as the Navel of Earth in Greece is one of the most visited ancient places in the world. Travelers from all over the world come in search of guidance from the famous oracle, the Pythia. During your visit to Delphi, we advise you to explore the beautiful theater, the refuge of Athena and a stadium where the Pythian Games were once held.  The best time to visit Delphi is in the springtime

Halkidiki –The Gorgeous Greek Island, a cape in Northern Greece. Located nearby Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea and consists of three so-called “fingers”: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. It is a great vacation destination for swimmers and for those who love water sports which are ignored by some many travelers.

Meteora – Located on the Northwest, Meteora is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its variety of art and natural beauty. This place is quite rich in religious also having ancient monasteries, secret monastic cells in a small cave. Meteora is the one the areas that have the best sunset spot to witness that you should not miss.  The best months are April, May, and June to visit and to explore the area in peace.

Peloponnese –If you want to go on a road trip in Greece, the Peloponnese in southern Greece is your spot. Separated from the rest of the country from the Gulf of Corinth, this spot is all dense forests, fairytale castles, classical ruins, medieval towns, mirror-calm lakes, and beautiful seaside towns like Limeni and Kardamyli. The Best seasons to visit the Peloponnese are spring and autumn.

Santorini – It may come as no surprise that Santorini is such an amazingly beautiful and romantic island in Greece. This place is also considered to be one of the best spots for honeymoon or wedding. To witness a fantastic rare view of the sunset, we recommend you to visit Oia once during your trip to Santorini. To enjoy the stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, snorkeling, and hot springs, Santorini is a must visit place in Greece.  The best time to visit Santorini from April to Early November.

Thessaloniki – The Second biggest metropolis of Greece. It is home to approximately a third of a million people. Best known for its festivals, million of tourists visit Thessaloniki every year.  The best time to visit Thessaloniki is in Summer, to avoid the crowd– October is the best month to visit.

Zagori – Zagori is a famous place for nature lovers, hikers, whitewater rafters, and adventurers. The best way to enjoy the area is by hiking the numerous paths connecting the traditional villages. Vikos gorge is the most visited and satisfying place in Zagori.  Best time to visit Zagori are mid-April to July and mid-August to mid-October.

Here is a short list of the must-visit places in Greece, that we carefully selected for you. It’s perhaps a good idea to stick to these major cities for a fantastic vacation experience.