Columbia is definitely a beautiful country in the world. It has cities with different personalities – from incredible cuisines and excellent nightlife to top-of-art activities – Columbia never fails to amaze everyone who visits this city.

But what you don’t know is that Columbia is also home to the world’s most popular music festivals. The festivals in Columbia bring so much fun and excitement to locals and tourists. Here are the five most amazing music festivals in Columbia that you cannot miss.

Rock al Parque

The Rock al Parque is the largest music festival held every July or August. Since the entry to the festival is free, it is often attended by at least 400,000 every year. During the festival you can witness several international artists such as Dead Kennedys, NOFX, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Colombia al Praque

If you prefer a more relaxing music instead of rock, you can join the Colombia al Parque. It is a combination of traditional musical performance and a couple of acting gigs. Featured music includes Salsa, Jazz, and Opera. For many viewers, this music festival brings a unique vibe to the city.

Estéreo Picnic

What started a simple show for local musicians in 2010 is now a multi-day event featuring the talented artists of Bogota. The ticket to the festival is quite expensive but what would surprise you is the inclusion of international artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, New Order, and The Strokes. The event is definitely filled with fun and excitement.

The Vallenato Legend Festival

Locals and tourists would always look forward to the The Vallenato Legend Festival because of its style and inimitability. This four-day music festival is definitely a huge event in the city of Valledupar that happens annually. Unlike mainstream music events, this festival is focused solely on accordion music called “Vallenator”, which means the musicians will be entirely playing their accordion. Well, its entirety can depend largely on your feelings for the genre but believe it  or not, this is the hottest among all music festivals in Colombia.

Mompox Jazz Festival

Are you excited to listen to some of the most popular jazz music? Wait for the Mompox Jazz Festival which happens a few days every September. This is your chance to hear local and international artists play the greatest jazz hits of the year. This is where you can enjoy fantastic music in a stunning setting.